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This page is all about the cool swag that I have found over the years that either makes training more fun, intense, or helps me be a better Dad. Training is holistic - mind, body, and soul. I checked it out and so should you!


The BAMF Hammer

BAMF actually stands for Bodybuilding And Mobile Functionality but this thing is a Bad Ass Mofo when it come to training!

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Dragon Door Neuro Grips

Pushups are one of the greatest exercises of all time and these little bitches take that movement to the next level!

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Onnit Steel Mace

Another bad ass and versatle piece of equipment that can really unf#ck those shoulders and works the forearms and grip in so many ways.

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Baker's Dozen

So, yeah, I am pimping out my own novel. But, this is my site & I did write the damn thing, which makes me pretty proud. You can find it on Amazon in print or digital!

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If you listen to the Bodcast (and why wouldn't you?) You may have heard my great conversation with Ryan Hurst (Ep 15). Ryan and GMB are a big part of my training and if you dream of physical autonomy you need to check out the site and all it has to offer!

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venum gloves.jpg

Venum Boxing Gloves

I love these gloves! They are tough as Hell, so well put together and my hands are well protected when I am trying almost embarrassingly to look like I know what I am doing on the heavy bag. Venum makes a ton of great products that are a must for combat sports

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