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“Cleveland Rocks!”

“I love the normalcy of Cleveland. There’s regular people there.”

-Drew Carey

I feel like a little Larceny is in order for tonight…  Hold on, I am not talking about committing a crime and stealing someone’s property (thank you Merriam-Webster)  Rather I am speaking of the new bottle of Larceny bourbon I have recently added to my collection.  I have never tried this stuff before, and I have to say, it’s a good bottle, especially for the price.  As always, when I start to sipping, I become nostalgic and introspective, and there is nothing more nostalgic than thinking about home…

The air in Cleveland is electric these days.  The Cavs are sweeping their way through the Eastern Conference playoffs, the Indians are playing well and the Browns… well, at least they aren’t losing right now – but at least there is new hope even for them as of late.  Not to mention the Republican National Convention coming to “The Land” in July.  There are  a great many reasons to be a proud Clevelander, the city has endured many years of embarrassment, being the butt of jokes and the “Mistake By The Lake” moniker.  There are many who have lived here all there lives, never left to see the world or even what is down the road.  And for some, that is perfectly fine – they have family here, they have roots and there lives are built around this area.  For others, they could not have gotten out of Cleveland, or one of its many suburbs, fast enough.  Still there are others, those who linger and lurk, always complaining about how much it sucks to live in Cleveland, yet never having the courage or drive to leave and see what else is out there.  I know it’s cliche but, the grass is not always greener on the other side.  I was very fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel and live in several places away from Cleveland.  From Florida to California, I have spent many years away from this place that I love and still call home.  I am not a world-traveler with extensive knowledge of far off lands or even multiple stamps on my passport.  But, I have seen enough to know where my place is right now and know that it is exactly where I want to be.  Cleveland is a great town, and it’s even more than just  geographical location, it is a state of mind.  People of the C-L-E have lived through unbelievable circumstances and just keep coming back for more.  And now, Cleveland is getting some positive national attention, not only from a sports team that is actually winning but from our emerging culinary scene, the arts and of course, the music.  But, this is not just a story about Cleveland, it’s about HOME, it’s about knowing where you are, where you belong.  With all this unhappiness in the world, with all the people complaining about this and that, isn’t it time we actually stop complaining and take stock of what we have to be thankful for?  I am saying it loud and saying it proud, Cleveland Rocks!

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