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Things Have Got To Change…

When did political service become a career and not a calling to make this country a better place and be the voice of those who you represent?  When did it become more acceptable and even commonplace to substitute solutions with mudslinging?  Call me naïve but why is it far more important to defeat one party and increase the numbers on your side, rather than work together as representatives to build this country into the power that it once was?  Pushing the agenda of a political party has become the focus, over all else, and politicians vote not with their conscience or for their constituents, but more like sheep or lemmings huddling together for survival.  Conspiracy theories, political machines, power brokers – these are the things that drive our government now, not truth, justice and freedom.  Why do we need to go so far out of the box with our candidates that a reality TV star/business mogul is a choice for the leader of the free world?  How corrupt has the system become that someone who lies and gets caught in those lies is still someone to be considered as the leader of the free world?  Social media has given everyone a voice… unfortunately.  Where are the selfless leaders who want only to return America to greatness and the power and strength it had in days past?  This country needs men and women who want a future to be proud of and one that will be safe and bright for future generations.  Why do we have to judge people by the color of their skin, what God they pray too, their gender or sexual preference?  There are good and bad people in this world, this is true, but we need to put in the effort to settle these petty differences so we can deal with the bigger issues.  There is a growing danger to the world, built on hate and violence.  If everyone could understand that together, as a united nation, we could defeat this hate and keep each other safe, we could wipe out this evil.  Yes, black lives do matter, but so do blue, white and every other color under the sun.  I am not blind, I know there is still racism in the world and ignorance – it is ugly and unfortunate and not likely to go away without a herculean effort from everyone.  Yes, police who abuse their authority should be held accountable, just as those who commit violence within their own neighborhoods should be held accountable.  We have become so wrapped up in our own issues, problems and posts that we are becoming less social with our own neighbors, and I admit, I have been guilty of this as well.  What happened to neighborhoods that help police themselves?  Not a riotous herd with pitchforks and torches, but concerned citizens who monitor their surroundings and keep each other safe and secure – working with law enforcement and building a better relationship.  I fear for the future for my children sometimes.  I fear that they will grow up seeing ignorance and indifference as the norm.  I fear that if I don’t stay vigilant and work at it every day, my children will run from or attack the differences in those around them, rather than embrace them and celebrate the uniqueness of each person.  But I know this is my job, as a parent, to ensure the future, not pass it off on others or blame it on TV, video games or movies.  Whatever happened to “Sir” or “Ma’am” as common respect?  How hard is it to put your phone away when you are out on the street and make eye contact with a stranger, say hello and wish them well?  Why is it odd that a total stranger wants to do that to you?  I understand you have an opinion, but that does not mean it should matter more than mine, just because it is yours.  People have become so easily offended and litigious no wonder you can’t say hello to anyone on the street.  The world needs to laugh more, smile more and sometime we need to channel our inner child at recess…

I am Anthony Zalewski and I approve this message… (sorry, could not help it)

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